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TaylorMade M6 Irons Review

To be the best golf player, you need the right mindset and equipment. Or course, the club you choose plays a key role in your performance. One of the best options is TaylorMade M6.  Knowing the unique details or features of this iron will help you to know if it is the right club for you.

Taylormade m6 Design

Taylormade m6 design

TaylorMade M6 iron has a special design with an aerodynamic and elegant shape. This feature can give you more speed at the clubhead and a longer distance. Speed Bridge technology make the club sound softer when you hit the ball.

Taylormade m6 design

Besides, their iron head has an extra stiffness so that the ball speed is greater. Its structure with thru-slot Speed Pocket and its ultra -thin face design with Inverted-Cone Technology (ITC) delivers incredible ball speeds. TaylorMade manufacturer is very proud of this model due to its flexibility, speed and distance.

Twist Face of TaylorMade M6

Taylormade m6 Twist Face

The open cavity of this club is not only new, it’s a revolution. It features an angle that corrects the face in every off-center stroke and reduces side turns. As a result, if you use this iron, your shots will be straighter than they would be with another club.

Speed Injected in TaylorMade M6

Each M6 clubhead has been submitted to different speed tests to ensure its quality. The head has been set resin up, so the face is full adjusted and optimized. The injection procedure is done to maximize the speed of the ball.

At the same time, this affects in a good way the distance achieved by this club. Therefore, its performance is quite close to the limit that is legal.

TaylorMade M6: The grip

The grip of the club is crucial to succeed in hitting the ball, so this must be very good. The TaylorMade M6 has an original Lamkin Dual Feel Reminder grip and is available in more than one color.

It provides a good texture feel. You can choose the grip in black or burnt orange color. In its standard size weighs only 47 g and in rear size is 0.6. So, if you practice and learn how to hold and balance it, the grip will help you to play like a pro.

Hammerhead 2.0

The new Hammerhead slot featuring the TaylorMade M6 Golf Club is more flexible than others. It works with the Speed Injected Twist Face and keeps the ball speed even in off-center strikes.

Now that you know the highlights of the TaylorMade M6 you cand decide whether it is for you. If you decide to buy it, you can be sure you will purchase a model from a recognized brand, and this inspires confidence.

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