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Callaway XR Driver Review

Golfers want to hit the ball far and straight with a good driver, but it takes an experienced hand to do that. The XR Driver is designed to help you generate as much clubhead speed as possible and to hit the target accurately. If you want an affordable driver with great speed and forgiveness, then look the features in this Callaway XR driver review.

Key Features of the Callaway XR Driver

Callaway is a very trusted brand name in golf which has designed lot of successful drivers and, their brand new XR model is not an exception. It is one of the models to provide a unique, proper golf swing. It is a stellar investment is you are serious about golf.

Callaway XR Driver Review

The Callaway XR driver is lighter thanks to the introduction of a carbon composite crown for improved forgiveness and efficiency. This product is easy to adjust to every golfer needs and provides a better performance. You can adjust the face angle and loft too, which is very important.

In addition, the XR has no gravity core and a very low center of gravity. That means the ball speed is faster. It is just built for overwhelming speed.

Pros of Callaway XR Driver

The Callaway XR Driver comes with many benefits at an affordable price. It will provide a better performance for any golfer. It also has a much-improved look over previous XR drivers.

Accuracy and distance

The Callaway XR Driver helps you provide accurate shots and improve your scores. Surprisingly the driver can improve your accuracy a little bit. If you have a consistent swing this driver can make that much more accurate.

On the other hand, XR driver gives you a comfortable feel and major distance off the tee.

Accuracy of Callaway XR Driver

Feeling and gameplay

This driver is very lightweight and produces a lovely sound at impact. Golfers feels good getting the right loft and swing. Callaway has revamped the club head to give you more speed when taking a swing.

Accuracy and distance Callaway

Cons of Callaway XR Driver

The expectations placed on the XR Driver are high. However, the Callaway team has missed two disadvantages:

Too light

Since the clubface is thinner to compared to other models, some golfers feel a lighter club. Lightweight feel may reduce control of the clubface for some golf beginners.

Feeling and gameplay  Callaway XR Driver

Take time to adjust

Many golfers agree that you need to be almost an expert or have a lot practice in order to appreciate XR Driver benefits. This diver takes some time to learn and get a feel for. The clubface absorbs too much impact and the drive has a very long shaft that may hinder your accuracy.

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