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The 5 best golf wedges of 2021

If you are a regular visitor of the golf courses, we advise you to have the best equipment. Wedges are an essential material for a good golfer. They allow you to play a good game, making sure you hit the ball accurately. Therefore, it´s important that you know which ones are on the market and are considered the best.

Callaway Mack Daddy 4 Tour Chrome

Wedge Callaway Mack Daddy 4 Tour Chrome

One of the factors that should influence your choice of a golf wedge is that it builds confidence. The Callaway Mack Daddy 4 Tour Chrome was designed for short games, whether you are a beginner or a professional player. The continuous review of this wedge has led the brand to create new standards in appearance and performance.

The added Groove-in-Groove technology creates 84 points of contact with the golf ball for a better control. In addition, it offers an excellent variety of alternatives so you can choose the most convenient one. It has a good finish, 4 types of soles and a total of 21 combinations between the loft and the bounce angle.

Titleist Vokey SM

Wedge Titleist Vokey SM

Titleist Vokey SM wedge is ideal if you have some experience playing golf, or are a professional with some years of experience. It is very popular for its exclusive selection of grind and bounce that allows you to customize them. If your handicap is low, with the Titleist Vokey SM wedge you can take advantage of your skills and place the ball wherever you want.

The diversity of these wedges means that you can choose between the grind, to have several bounces or bound. Some wedges provide you high bounds, while others generate medium and low bounds. They are made of steel rods and their lofts range from 48 to 62 degrees.

Cleveland RTX 4

Wedge Cleveland RTX 4

Cleveland RTX 4 is one of the most used wedges by golfers who take part in the PGA Tour. Regardless of your conditions, the Cleveland RTX 4 wedge provides a bigger spin, a good control and precision. The updated Rotex Face technology makes the wedge even more excellent with new grooves, more edge and depth.

Besides, its laser milling gives more roughness on the face making it a wedge with a great friction and rotation in the blows.

Wilson Harmonized

Wedge Wilson Harmonized

The Wilson Harmonized Edge is made of steel rods and is available in 64, 60-, 56-, 52- and 50-degree lofts. If you are a beginner, or don´t have much experience in golf, this club is a very good choice. During its manufacture, they focused on achieving the highest height, so you can stop the ball more easily.

You can feel Wilson Harmonized clubs very comfortable in your hands. They are easy to hit and they allow you great flexibility and a good twist.

Cobra King Black

Wedge Cobra King Black

Cobra King Black designs irons of a high level and has an extensive catalog. You can get many combinations of bound, gind and loft. It´s an excellent wedge option if you need a low bounce. It gives you great feelings, and It adapts itself to a variety of conditions. This wedge makes it easy to hit at to an exact point. All this provides you greater consistency, plus spin when you hit the ball.

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