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Ping G400 Driver Review

Ping has designed an iron with the best features to help you to improve your game.  The Ping G400 irons are made with the purpose to provide a long-distance ride, a great height and a good control when you hit the ball. We could say it is one of the best options to improve your golf equipment as well as your shots.

5 Key Features of the Ping G400

Generally speaking, the Ping G400 helps you in your performance. You will experience an incredible feeling using it, unlike others, it makes it easy to hit the ball correctly.

To find out how to generate faster ball speeds for gains in distance and height, you need to know more about Ping G400 features, that is to say its refined design, Hydropearl Chrome Finish, COR-Eye Technology, 3-piece cavity badge and undercut top edge.

Three-piece Elastomer Badge

Three-piece Elastomer Badge

The vibrations created as the face flexes and rebounds, can cause serious sound and feel issues at impact. The G400 has a 3-piece elastomer badge to dampen vibrations. Thanks to that, you will feel a more pleasing impact sound and better feeling to your hands.

Refined Shaping

G400Refined Shaping

Ping has not modified the overall shape of the G400 head too much in comparison to his predecessors. However, the iron has a sharper radius on the top edge and it is more rounding on the low toe area. This head shape is more a tour style, cleaner and a little sharper. Even the flange is smooth so you don´t see anything jutting out.

We also highlight the reshaping on the top-rail thickness and toe lines. Even though it´s a big iron, you will play and perform with a lot of precision.

Undercut Top Edge

G400 Iron Undercut Top Edge

Mass has been removed from inside the top edge of the Ping G400. It has been relocated lower to have more effect on forgiveness. For this reason, Ping is confident that the G400 iron delivers a better performance.

Hydropearl Chrome Finish

This premium finish is one of the best features of this club which makes it looks superior and high quality. The Hydropearl Chrome Finish has a specific function: to reduce friction with the turf, meaning less lost energy at impact.

The friction reduction is up to 40% to improve launch spin in wet conditions and from the rough, so the club goes through the grass better.

COR-Eye Face Technology

G400 COR-Eye Face Technology

This innovative technology increases the amount of face flex you get on an iron shot. Face-flexing technology is essential to launch the ball faster and higher.

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